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About me

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Hello. I am Sam.

I’m a designer and illustrator based on the outskirts of Sheffield, UK. I graduated Falmouth College of Arts with a degree in Graphic Design in 2002, and have been lucky enough to work as a creative ever since.

Writing and illustrating stories been a passion of mine since childhood. Whether it was creating comics in school, illustrating poems at college, or writing and illustrating my own books for young children – I’m at my most content with a pencil in my hand.

I am also a…

  • Father of four fantastic kids
  • Husband of one amazing woman
  • Guardian of one scruffy Bedlington/Whippet cross
  • Brewer of beer
  • Supporter of The Owls (for my sins)
  • Custodian of creeky knees (old-timer skateboarder)

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